About four years ago, I was a woman seemingly trapped by her own self-imposed limitations. Today, I stand as a woman who has come to realize the value of who I am and what I stand for.

It took a simple acronym – SELAH! – to help me realize that the ability to overcome my fears and limitations in life, were within me all along. SELAH! is a strategy for Five Points to Peace.

S = Stop and face the situation

E = Enough – you are enough to overcome anything placed in your pathway

L = Learn everything you can about the limitation

A = Act on what you learned

H = Help someone else to complete the healing process

SELAH! is an inspirational platform I have shared with women all across the United States and has served as a foundation for guiding my success in life.

Now, I want to share it with you!


In 2010, my little mother came to live in Houston. And by little, I mean little, she is 5’2” and weighs about 108 pounds, always wore a size petite 8 or 10. I outgrew her in second grade and my size was always an issue between us.

You see, I was supposed to be 5’2” and 108 lbs., too. But, my 5’8”, big-boned body frame and way more than 108 lbs, just didn’t fit in her box. So in her eyes, something was really wrong with me. And she let me know it.

My family took me to a glandular specialist and started manipulating my thyroid when I was 2 years old. Dieting became a way of life. She read every article she could find about weight gain. If any medical condition was linked to weight gain or obesity, she was convinced I had it. I went through life thinking something was wrong with me!

My self esteem was in the toilet and depression was a close friend. I tried and tried to fit into a little bitty box that had been fashioned for me but I just didn’t fit. And try as I may, the reality was, I would never fit.

Finally, in my 30′s I forbade her to speak to me of diets, weight gain, obesity or any condition even linked to it. Our relationship was very strained, but I tried to smile through it and still love her. A very difficult task.

By 2010, my mom was 86 years young, my dad had died three years earlier, and she needed a safe place to live. So she moved to my hometown, and we found her a wonderful assisted living facility to call home.

Unfortunately, she thought she was going to get her way in all things – just like she had when I was young. My mom also thought she would achieve it by pushing the same buttons she had manipulated so well for so many years. One day, we were having a little tit to tat and she said to me, “Can’t somebody fix you!”

I could barely make it home. I was a wreck, devastated. All of a sudden, my life, my accomplishments, my identity, all of who I had grown to be, meant nothing. With her filters gone, my mother had told me what she really thought of me. The person I had tried so hard to please and make proud of me just told me I was broken and unfixable.

Her words sent me to the couch where I stayed for several days. All I could do was cry and eat ice cream and cookies. I cried about the hurt I felt. I cried that my life had no meaning anymore. I cried lots of tears, but I also cried out to the Lord, “Please, help me!”


One day, while languishing on the couch and crying out to the Lord, I felt impressed to write down the things I did want to do. Not the things that I had already done, or things that I didn’t think were successful, but what I still wanted to do in my life.

So, I got out my journal and the first thing on my list was to be in a beauty pageant. Except, I was 56 years old, vey full-figured and thought a pageant for me would NEVER happen. Second on my list was to fly a helicopter – you can see where my mind was going.

Three days later, I was still on that couch when the National Geographic Channel’s show, TABOO, came on. The day’s series was on FAT. I thought, “Oh please God, don’t make me watch that!” But, I was riveted and could not take my eyes off of it. I would switch channels and come right back.

There were three segments on the show. The first segment was an 800 pound man who was languishing in a bed, the next was a beautiful young girl who was using her curves very promiscuously and the third segment was the Miss Plus America pageant. I didn’t know a pageant for plus size girls even existed. There they were! Beautiful women in their interview suits and evening gowns, all so confident and radiant!

I picked up my journal to see if I had really written that I wanted to be in a beauty pageant. There it was. in black and white. So, I got up off of that couch and went to my computer to check out the Miss Plus America pageant. I shared with my sweet husband about what I wanted to do. He was all for it! (One thing I love him for is his willingness to support me, even in my wild ideas!) I applied for the Miss. Texas Plus America competition as a Mrs. Delegate and became Mrs. Fort Bend County.

WOO HOO!! Full steam ahead, I had two months to prepare for the state competition.


Every lovely lady deserves some Cheetah and Bling in her life.
Every lovely lady deserves some Cheetah and Bling in her life.

Now, four years later, I’ve earned two local plus size pageant crowns, three state crowns, two national crowns (America Beauties Plus Elite Ambassador 2012 and Mrs. Plus America 2013) and served as director of two local Miss Plus America pageants in the Houston area. Plus I developed SEALH! a divinely inspired strategy to overcome limitations in life. I am proud to say: I am fixed! My relationship with my mother is fixed, and I am about to step through a whole new threshold of my destiny.

I am excited to share with you my journey of a lifetime and the pathway the Lord took me on to realize my true self worth and what my identity is in HIM. SELAH! Five Points to Peace is the strategy that the Lord gave me to overcome limitations in my life. This strategy will work for you too! Whatever the situation or circumstance, if you feel ambushed there is victory in store for you and SELAH! will help you get there.

Read On!

You’ll learn of my pageant story and how the Lord used it to bring me to a place of healing and peace. There will be testimonials from other women who have used the strategy as well.

If you have any questions or would like to leave me a comment, please don’t hesitate to use the comment section to write me a note. Help will be on the way! You can overcome limitations in your life too! Your just FIVE POINTS TO PEACE away.


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