There are all sorts of situations and circumstances that press us forward in life; however, there are also many that want to send us into a downward spiral.

As there are encouraging words and situations that bring us life, there are all kinds of traps and ambushes to keep us off our destiny pathway. Some are like old recordings that want to play over and over again; some are old voices we listen to over and over again; and, some are old thought patterns that are very convenient to keep thinking so that we don’t have to change our way of doing things.

Unfortunately, the enemy of our soul knows our old patterns. There is nothing new under the sun. So when situations and circumstances occur which might make us feel like we have been ambushed, our knee jerk reactions is to spiral downward into thoughts and words and ways of doing things we have used over and over again – usually without really overcoming the problem.

Here’s an example:

SITUATION: When my little mother came to live in close to me a couple of years ago, we were having a tit to tat and in the heat of our words, she said, “Can’t somebody fix you?” Well, I knew that she was referring to my weight. It has been an issue of contention between us ever since she put me on my first diet at age 2.

DOWNWARD SPIRAL: My response was to languish on a couch for several days, eating lots and lots of chocolate and chips.

SITUATION: In the book of Ester 4:1-4, Mordecai learned that Haman was going to annihilate the Jews. He put on sackcloth and ashes and went into the city gates, rent his clothes and began crying with a loud and bitter cry.

DOWNWARD SPIRAL: Ester’s response was to just send him some new clothes. She surely didn’t want him naked and making a scene in the center of town. Maybe things would look better if he had some new duds on!

How often do we just try to make things look better when we don’t know what to do? Or, perhaps we try not to really look at the issue or we run from the issue? But, the S of SELAH! doesn’t stand for simmering in your own “would of” and “could of” or trying to justify your own actions, and it doesn’t stand for shopping, it stands for STOP!

Quit running from the situation and stop letting the circumstance run you.

Turn and face the situation or circumstance. Put Jesus in front of it. Turn your gaze upon the Lord, STOP and turn your eyes upon Jesus.

If we keep our eyes on the Lord, HE will stand between us and the problem or issue that wants to push us off our destiny pathway, He will direct our path. Wouldn’t you rather have HIM show you the direction to go than try to figure it out by yourself? I know I would! Hallelujah!!!


Is there an issue or circumstance you are running from? Were you ambushed today by a thought or a fear that got your heart racing and your mind running over and over again about “What am I going to do?” or “How am I going to fix this?”


1. Turn and look at the situation – what is really going on? Why are you really afraid?

2. Determine to not let the fear or situation or circumstance run you.

3. Place whatever “it” is at the feet of Jesus.

Now, that’s a great start! And there is more to come! Next is E – E*NUFF!


Constance believes through SELAH! Five Points to Peace we can all achieve the joy in life we all deserve.
Constance believes through SELAH! Five Points to Peace we can all achieve the joy in life we all deserve.

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