Previously I shared with you the S in SELAH! and what it stood for – remember, it is STOP and turn into the situation, don’t run away from it! So here is more of the story.

While I was languishing on the couch, I felt the Lord encourage me to make a list of the things I did want to do, not what I had done before, or felt unsuccessful at, but what I did want to do. So, I got out my journal.

First on the list was to be in a beauty pageant. I had wanted to do that ever since I was a little girl. But at 56 and very full-figured, I thought that would never happen.

Three days later and still on the couch, I saw a National Geographic segment on FAT. Although, I strove with the Lord about watching it, He insisted. The first segment was an 800 pound man languishing in a bed, the second segment was of a beautiful curvy girl who was using her beautiful self in a very promiscuous manner and the third segment was the Miss Plus America pageant.

I didn’t know a plus sized pageant existed. But there they were, beautiful women in interview suits and evening gowns. So, I got up off of the couch and headed for my computer. I entered with only month to prepare for the Miss Texas Plus America pageant, the preliminary round for the national Miss Plus America pageant.

My very first pageant day came! My friend Debbie Anthony traveled to Dallas with me to help with my clothes and for support. She called it being my handmaiden. My sweet husband, Warren, came to see me compete on the final night too. For a newbie I did really well – 1st Runner Up Mrs. Texas Plus America. But, I thought I was going to win!

The drive home was quite bitter sweet.

As Warren drove and I gazed out the window, I began to question God as to why I didn’t win. And I started the poor, poor pitiful me litany again. I started questioning why wasn’t I enough to win? What was wrong with me?

It was then, like a personal call, I got a text message from heaven sent right into my car and into my heart.

The Lord spoke to me in that gentle way He does and said, “U * R * E * NUFF!”

After another bout of crying – some for the words HE spoke and some for the realization HE did answer me – I straightened up and thought to myself – well, if this is what heaven thinks of me, I better get on board and think this about myself too!

What a huge turning point in my self-esteem! I realized that I did have worth. Praise the Lord! I * M * E * NUFF and all of heaven knows it.

The E in SELAH! is ENOUGH!

U * R * E * NUFF!!

I * M * E * NUFF!!!

We are divinely and creatively made. HE knew us in our mother’s wombs. So whatever situation or circumstance you are going through, you ARE enough to handle it because HE made you that way!

Take this text into your heart. As you STOP and face the situation or circumstance you are going through today, know that when God made you. HE had this situation in mind, and you are enough to be successful, to be an overcomer, to make it through!


Constance Zehner understands that she is E*NUFF, and so are you!
Constance Zehner understands that she is E*NUFF, and so are you!

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